classicevents Classic Cars

Classic Cars

A classic car is generally defined as a car that is more than twenty-five years old. Many people consider these cars to be historically significant examples of old-world craftsmanship and aesthetics.

As such, there are numerous communities of people actively involved in the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of classic cars.

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Clubs & Organizations

There are hundreds of clubs and communities, around the world and on the internet where classic enthusiasts congregate and schedule activities.

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classicevents Publications


Magazines such as Classic Car Weekly feature instructional articles, buying guides, and classifieds for vintage auto parts, manuals, and schematics. These publications offer information on just about every aspect of classic cars, including restoration and maintenance tips, antique vehicle registration, and purchasing insurance.

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classicevents Shows & Auctions

Shows & Auctions

Public events relating to classic cars occur all around the world and are well-advertised in advance.

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